More and more mothers are choosing to use their placentas as a nutritional supplement. Placentophagy is a nearly universal mammalian behavior, usually done shortly after birth. In order to make this realistic for you, I will dehydrate and encapsulate your placenta so it is easy to consume, then you too can experience the powerful healing benefits of the amazing placenta.

(Interested in extending the healing benefits of your placenta beyond the number of capsules your placenta makes? Read about placenta tinctures here.)

I charge $150 to pick-up (this is the price for pickup in the greater Ogden/Clearfield area) and prepare your placenta. If you have questions about my service please contact me at Ideally I will start with a fresh, refrigerated placenta; however if circumstances make pickup within 48 hours of birth unlikely, please place the placenta in a plastic bag, lay it as flat as possible and freeze it.

Your placenta will be gently steamed and then slowly dehydrated over a period of many hours, ground to a powder, then encapsulated in vegetarian cellulose capsules.

The benefits of consuming the nutrient-rich placenta are numerous. It fosters connectivity between a mother and baby, enhances breast milk production, soothes the nerves, provides the mother with energy reserves, and promotes postpartum hormone balance.

Payment for this service reserves a spot in my schedule. Upon payment you will receive an email that explains the process of how to arrange to keep your placenta and coordinates having it picked up. Please allow for 2 to 3 days between pick-up and delivery of your capsules.

If you have questions or are interested in setting up a consultation please contact me at:

(801) 644-2154